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EVEN when he was obviously a gawky schoolboy, Martin Clunes ended up being behavingbadly. Particularly if the class were studying the works involving WilliamShakespeare.

Those lessons are generally among the worst memories with the 37-year-old actor's college days. He groans as he recalls them.

Now he's appearing along with Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes and Ben Affleck in the all-star cast with the triumphant Golden Globe winning film Shakespeare throughout Love. Nevertheless back in the blackboard jungle, the Bard was a new definite turn- off.

"It ended up being awful," winced Martin. "Romeo as well as Juliet has been ruined eternally personally simply because of the way we had been taught it at school.

"I feel that's nearly everyone's experience... to be taught by somebody who's ill-qualified to do it."

So while a new schoolteacher ended up being emoting the Bard's lines, young Martin Clunes's attention was miles away.

"I think I does drawings on my small book, coloured within my timetable or interfered using additional members with the class... it was any mixed school," he said, chuckling.

Like many mischievous pupils, Martin Clunes developed an appreciation of Shakespeare while he grew older. Thus the likelihood to play theatre boss Burbage inside the witty along with sexy Shakespeare within love was irresistible.

The movie - directed simply by John Madden, of Mrs Brown fame - has Shakespeare suffering through writer's block while he tries to produce his latest play, Romeo And Also Ethel, the Pirate King's Daughter.

Such any cheeky notion appealed for the star of hit BBC comedy series, Men Behaving Badly.

"I has been attracted with it because it was irreverent and also fun,breathing life in to something that appears academic. To be Able To have Shakespearealive, inside love along with suffering through writer's block was obviously a great idea.It created him appear really real."

The film features a mixture of hot The demonstrate biz industry stars, award winners like Geoffrey Rush and Dame Judi Dench as well as the best regarding British actors. Thus Martin had been rather chuffed he wasn't inspired to screen test with regard to it.

"I'm consequently crucial these days in which I didn't have to audition," he joked.

What truly happened is that among Tinseltown's movie moguls, Harvey Weinstein, the boss of Miramax, whose hits include Your English Patient, decided that Martin has been perfect for this Elizabethan romantic comedy.

"I had in absolutely no way satisfied Harvey Weinstein before, however I bumped into him at the Sundance Film Festival."

Martin had been there along using his wife, Philippa Braithwaite, who produced Gwyneth Paltrow's previous hit Sliding Doors, which usually opened the festival last year .

"I asked him what had happened to a new different film that will I ended up being in but had never witnessed the light involving day - The Particular Revengers Comedies. It wasn't seen simply because it had certainly not been really good, if I could say that.

"Harvey Weinstein checked out me as though he had been thinking `Who the hell can be he?' Then he said, `Oh, you're any funny guy... don't we have something in Shakespeare in Enjoy for him.' And two weeks later on this script came by means of the actual door."

Martin, who could have their own company, Buffalo Pictures, can be certainly 1 of the band regarding Brits who have were in a position to combine television as well as film work.

Apart from Men Behaving Badly, he provides starred inside TV dramas like Neville's Island and Touch as well as Go.

On the big screen, he had cameo roles within films such as The Actual Russia House together with Sean Connery before making his directorial debut using the movie comedy Staggered, in which he also starred. Currently he has a series of films around the way.

Yet he insists in which none of this continues in order to be cunningly thought out. According to Martin, all his successes have been as a result of some happy accidents.

"I possess usually just ambled along. I in zero way were built with a real master plan. I do not really know how anybody does," he said.

"You chose to do acting to your occupation and when someone is actually nice enough to become able to supply you work, you are taking it." He's stepped back in front of the cameras pertaining to Angel Islington, a new film about a hack writer who has experienced and out of drug as well as alcohol rehab.

This washed-up journo needs cash along with gets asked to ghost theautobiography of your Melinda Messenger-type girl. And Also through the program ofevents, a love cách hack pirate king story develops.

When I requested regardless of whether he'd be playing the hack writer, Martin burst into laughter. "Well I'm not necessarily the particular glamour model," he giggled.

But I suggested which these times a person couldn't consider something for granted. Following all, his Men Behaving Badly pal Neil Morrissey switched sex pertaining to yet another of Martin's movies... Hunting Venus, which focused on a bunch regarding pop one-hit wonders from the 1980s.

"Oh yes, I directed that," he said, nonetheless struggling to control the actual giggles.

"Neil plays the transsexual pop star along with I play the bass player and song writer. My character gets bitter about sharing the actual good results with the rest of the band, therefore he nicks all associated with their instruments and their money and robs your fan club.

"That is why your band split up within 1982. Along With 16 a prolonged time later, I'm a conman that will get caught through a couple of fans. They Will blackmail me into finding that old band and getting rid involving it together. But, associated with course, they most hate me.

"The initial guy I track down can be Neil, whom within the interim has gone from getting Charlie to Charlotte because he's stood a sex change."

According in order to Martin his TV buddy is a revelation throughout his sex change role.

Martin stressed that will - within his role as director - he approached the transsexual situation severely along with didn't just utilize it as a means of simple laughs. "We fulfilled a couple of transsexuals for your movie. I was keen to become intelligent in regards to always be able to the situation. the film isn't really about any transsexual. Generally there is a gay couple in it as well and also it's not about getting gay either. These People all just occur to become characters within the story."

In Men Behaving Badly, Martin along with Neil created on-screen chemistry that turned it in to become able to a to become able to smash hit comedy.

And he says that the partnership portion of the equation had been easy because they will often were mates. "We had been friends before, during and after the particular series. I get enormous respect regarding Neil as the possible actor," Martin says. "But he thinks I'm crap, low cost he says."

Though we are soon to start to see the duo with every single other within Hunting Venus, Martin confirmed in which his or her Men Behaving Badly days ended with just about all the trio of special editions that have got been screened throughout the Christmas holiday.

"Yeah, I consider that's it. This seemed very natural for you to stop there," he said.

He ended up being a lot more expansive, however, when I requested for his view about the fuss that the festive episodes produced when several critics claimed that the comedies were too sexually explicit.

"I failed to actually study any 1 of that. However I wasn't surprised to listen to concerning it. I'm sorry if something I does upset anybody but there's an obvious warning in the title. As Well As the BBC did put us in later on compared to we've ever been upon before."

As 1 door closes, yet another opens. Thus what's subsequent throughout the unplanned world of Martin Clunes?

Not also surprisingly, he has yet another movie project on offer.

"I happen for you to be motivated to immediate a film and never be in it, that is a first. It's known as Bark and it is about dogs in inclusion to end up being able to their proprietors at the turn with the century.

"I'm the dog lover along with I want to accomplish the particular film since there are certainly not adequate dogs in British cinema.

"It's with regards to dog morality and credibility versus human hypocrisy."

Even even although it sounds any strange subject, a person truly have the feeling that when again, Martin Clunes will not become barking up the incorrect tree.

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